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An unprecedented documentary film into the lives of the most legendary, influential and controversial drummers ever assembled in rock, pop, funk, jazz, metal and alternative music.

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Tom Weir of Modern Colour

Photo by Max Pulcini Founding member of the blues/rock band Modern Colour, Tom Weir, was forced to play bagpipes as a child and had a first drum recording experience made of nightmares. The Man: Hailing from Lancaster, PA, Weir is the son of two Scottish immigrants. Bagpipes might be an impressive instrument to play, but […]

Urgent: The Time Has Finally Come!

Dear Friends and family, I am writing to you today because I need your support more than ever. A few years back, I sent most of you a note introducing the trailer to my documentary feature film, Ferocious Drummers. Now the moment has come. My production team and I have decided to launch a Kickstarter […]

Ferocious Drummers feature film documentary gains sponsorship support from Zildjian

Chicago, Illinois, February 27, 2014 – The largest cymbal manufacturer in the world, Zildjian, is now a main sponsor of Ferocious Drummers, a feature film documentary, which takes an unprecedented look at the most legendary, influential and troublesome drummers—past, present and future—in jazz, rock, heavy metal and alternative music. “The Zildjian Company is excited to […]

Mad Men: Steve “The Mad Drummer” Moore

Mad Drummer Steve Moore discusses his journey from wrong gig to viral celebrity. In 2010, a video appropriately named This Drummer is at the Wrong Gig surfaced on Youtube. Little did drummer Steve Moore know that his life would never be the same once it went viral. He would earn the title of “The Mad […]

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