Ahead of the Beat

It’s been 48 hours since we launched our site and the enthusiasm is growing steadily by the hour and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support! Please keep it coming. Our facebook “likes” are growing by the hour and we’ve had some encouraging inquiries from a few film industry colleagues.

We like reading the interaction of our visitors to our site, twitter, FB and others so don’t be shy and we do welcome your feedback and opinions. Like one of our friends on FB who wrote “Why is Justin Bieber in this movie?” With all due respect, we don’t follow Mr. Biebers’ music career on a regular basis, but if you knew a little about him you’d know that Justin Bieber is quite a passionate drummer along with his many other talents as a singer and 20th century pop icon. If he wasn’t a pop idol superstar singer out front most likely many wouldn’t be ignoring the solid hit he brings to the drums. We plan to sit with many artists across the board that we believe will be of great color and character to our story. We plan to sit with few lead singers of our drummers. And we plan to sit with drummers who early on turned to lead singing as in the case of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

And let’s not forget about comedians who moonlight as drummers like.. Conan O’Brien, Dana Carvey and Jerry Lewis. Why would a comedian be in a drummer film? Why not? The comedian and the drummer both need that magic potion of “good timing” in order to deliver the goods. Without good timing a terrible thing happens to a comedian and drummer. Nothing.

Be safe and Hit em’ hard!


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