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Our featured drummer is Chicago native, Scot Coogan.  Just who has Scot drummed with?  Vanilla Ice, Sinead O’Connor, Ace Frehley, Nikki Sixx and Tracii Guns’ Brides of Destruction and the list goes on.

Currently Scot is a performer with the Blue Man Group, and is a Rock Star counselor at Rock and Roll Fantasy camp. He also drums for 6 Foot Nurse, his Zeppelin/Beatles cover band and most recently is the drummer for the new All Star 80’s Metal Revue, Let It Rawk! Very few drummers can turn that switch from aggressive chopping to straight ahead patience and pocket which makes Scot Coogan a very in-demand drummer. Plus, he sings while he swings. Beat that.

scot sing drum
This particular song is a very early recording session of the hundreds that Scot has drummed on over the years. It’s also one of many originals written by Enuff Z’nuff, frontman and solo recording artist, Johnny Monaco. Caution: you may be singing the chorus all day after just a listen. It’s pop, but with an edge—the Chicago edge.
Monaco and Coogan relocated from Chicago to LA about the same time in the very early ‘90’s and were shaking it up together.  A bit of trivia: Johnny Monaco once auditioned as lead guitarist for renowned recording artist Gregory Darling back in 1992. About that time, Scot Coogan had just planted himself permanently in West Hollywood and began drumming, mostly on jam nights. I remember first seeing Scot drumming at a jam night by LA Promoter, Happenin’ Harry.  My first impression was…This guy beats the shit out of his drums.

Scot Coogan is Ferocious. -BM

Listen to the track, ‘When She Cries’ below and be sure to scroll down for our short interview with the drummer, Scot Coogan. You can check out Scot here: www.scotcoogan.com

And be sure to visit Johnny Monaco’s site at www.johnnymonaco.com





FD: Please tell us; how long have you been playing drums?
SC: I was about 5 years old, went to my Uncle Frank’s house and saw a real drum kit set up. The Beatles “White Album” was on, guess I didn’t see any sticks around, so I picked up a Barbie Doll Leg and a Lincoln Log. I started hitting the drums in time with the music, after that, all I wanted to do was play drums!

FD: What drummer influences your playing the most?
SC: Definitely John Bonham – his feel, where and when he chooses his fills.

FD: What famous band or solo artist just isn’t the same after firing their drummer?
SC: Slayer after firing Dave Lombardo earlier this year.

FD: Who do you think is the most  underrated drummer around?
SC: Matt Cameron, he is the Odd Meter Master of Rock Music!

FD: Do your parents approve in your choice of instrument?
SC: They didn’t really have a choice, LOL. They have always been very supportive of my drumming and my music career. As a kid, they would always buy me a new cymbal or a drum for my Birthday and Christmas.




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